Launch of the Dragon Ale-Bowl


…but Sigurd himself steered the dragon-keel which was the greatest and noblest; richly wrought were the sails, and glorious to look on.

— The Story of Sigurd from The Völsunga saga, 13th century

Ok, so that’s obviously not a photo of Sigurd’s ship on the north Atlantic.  Rather, it is an ale bowl briefly launched on the Little Shenango River last evening.


Since receiving the commission along with a suggested possibility of a dragon design, I had been sketching some potential ideas and finally started in on the carving.


I carved this one from cherry.  The grain direction does some funny things through those flutes flowing across the head.  A hook knife comes in handy for dealing with it.


It’s 13 inches long, 6 1/2 inches wide, and 4 3/4 inches high, and it will hold up to 24 ounces of ale.


If only the river flowed toward the bowl’s destination…

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9 Responses to Launch of the Dragon Ale-Bowl

  1. Ida VonRuden says:

    Love this bowl. IT IS JUST BEAUTIFUL! The carving looks so perfect and the shape is very pleasing to the eye.


  2. Warren Hoey says:

    What a great way to launch a beautiful bowl. The dark horses are enjoying the southern hemisphere.


  3. Michael Tait says:

    Utterly wonderful. Just the right amount of detail in the form to reveal the figure and the marks of making. Perfection!


  4. kneetoknee says:

    Simply beautiful – a living thing!


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