Five Baa Hurdles



photo by Marie Pelletier

Well, I think that’s how they say it in eastern Mass. anyway.  Just in case you may not be aware, there’s a pretty unique riving and hurdlemaking opportunity coming up with Plymouth CRAFT; a chance to spend a weekend working with at least a couple of those guys in the fold above.  You may not have any sheep to corral, but the deceptively simple skills involved in making these riven oak hurdles will transfer to the making of all sorts of things.  Plus, I can think of many practical uses for these around a yard or in a garden.  Sure to be a good time as well.

Check out Rick’s poetic post to learn more. (And thanks for the use of the photo, Rick and Marie).

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2 Responses to Five Baa Hurdles

  1. hiscarpentry says:

    Hi Dave!
    I have just been catching up with your blog here and noticed this post for the hurdle making class. It was a great couple of days from what I understand. Here is my post on supplying the logs.

    Would love to have you back to MA for a CRAFT class. I missed out on it the last time.


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