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Necklace for a Bowl

At least that’s the way I see a design like this — draping like a necklace around the rim.  l like how the facets of the recesses catch the light and shadows in different ways.  I’ve done several versions; one … Continue reading

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Back in the Swing

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. — Abraham Lincoln Although this is a widely known quote attributed to Lincoln, he probably never said it. Besides, Lincoln wouldn’t … Continue reading

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While on a morning walk today, I spied a bird in this big branch crook.  The whole upper section of the branch above the crook had already died, so it was a good choice to collect. Smaller crooks will usually … Continue reading

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Surround Yourself

We’ve all heard the sage advice about surrounding yourself with good people. Over the past several days, I found myself in just such a lucky situation. I normally muddle away on my own, surrounded by logs, tools, and books. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Shrink Tubes

I wrote about shrink boxes in this post a few months back.  What I call shrink tubes are just long skinny shrink boxes.  The nature of their shape means it is nearly impossible to reach into the interior and reshape … Continue reading

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Happy New June

Another school year has ended around here. Always an exciting time for me, but this year particularly so.  My wife, Kristin, and I watched the older of our two children, Emma, graduate from high school yesterday.  While it makes me nostalgic … Continue reading

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  Wood chips have a lot to reveal if you look closely.  I think they have a beauty and fascination all their own, a feeling that is shared especially by children.  At demonstrations, kids always pick up chips.  It seems … Continue reading

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