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Trees and Truth

If you’re interested in etymology, trees, and truth, this short Ted Ed video is worth a few minutes of your time.  Not only does it provide a linguistic link to our timeless reverence for trees, but the animation is also … Continue reading

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Different Animals

I was working  a couple different cherry ale bowls over the weekend and was struck again by how different they are to carve compared to “regular” bowls.  First of all, especially in this roughing-out stage, I find myself staring a … Continue reading

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Axe Work

I’ve been roughing out a couple walnut bowls, which means plenty of fun axe work.  One of the more challenging aspects is shaping the end grain area S curve; the bowl will be convex as it leaves the bottom, then return in … Continue reading

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If Yinz* are Ever in Pittsburgh

Earlier this week, I found myself with a few hours to walk around the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  There was no chance of getting lost; all I had to do to orient myself was look for the centerpiece of the … Continue reading

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Iron Horse?

It’s been a long time since I followed new products and gadgets in the non-traditional tool world, which is fine with me.   Today there was an email from Woodcraft in my inbox announcing a special on a new product, something … Continue reading

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Dark Horse

I carved this ale bowl from some more of the red alder I mentioned in my last post.  Then I tried something new for me: I painted (ebonized I suppose) the outside  with waterproof black India ink.  I like how … Continue reading

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Around the Shop

A look around the shop this morning, beginning with sections of a big walnut log I busted up which should become walnut bowls before too long.  And a requested set of cherry shrink boxes in the rough, drying: My dogwood froe club … Continue reading

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