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Warmer Weather Walnut

Back in the bone chilling days of January, my son and I warmed up a bit by collecting some walnut logs from a fallen tree at a friend’s house (and I posted about it here).  Now, the snow is gone, the … Continue reading

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Devilish Questions

When the flush of a newborn sun fell first on Eden’s green and gold,                         Our father Adam sat under the Tree and scratched with a stick in the … Continue reading

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I’ve never been cool.  My natural tendencies, interests, even hair, just wouldn’t allow for it.  I’ve never been into fast cars or fast boats.  For a couple years, I even drove a bright blue-green Ford Aspire — and I still … Continue reading

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Hooks from Crooks

When splitting branch crooks for spoons, I often end up with a thin split from the upper portion of the crook.  Sometimes such a piece may have potential for a smaller eating spoon, but I also like to use them for wall … Continue reading

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With my “Bottoms Up” post a couple weeks ago, there was a comment/question about what I use to do the lettering and date.  I thought I’d elaborate more on the answer in this post. In the photo above, I’m using … Continue reading

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Oh, It’s Drying Time Again…

Hewing a bowl with an axe and an adze certainly qualifies for what David Pye called “the workmanship of risk.”  The risk doesn’t end when the axe is laid down.  Anyone who is going to carve many bowls is sure to have some … Continue reading

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