Published Articles List

Following is a list of articles that may be helpful. Most of these were published in Fine Woodworking Magazine and can be accessed through copies of the magazine itself or through Fine Woodworking’s website with a subscription.

The Bird is a Bowl, Back Cover of Fine Woodworking (Written by Jon Binzen) #289 May/June 2021

Gouges for Green Woodworking, Fine Woodworking #288 March/April 2021

What to Look For in an Adze, Fine Woodworking  #285 December 2020

Carve Your Daily Bowl, Fine Woodworking #283 July/August 2020

The Snug Unplugged Workshop, Fine Woodworking #265 Tools and Shops, Winter 2018

Video Workshop: Carve a Greenwood Bowl with David Fisher,, instructional video 2017

Carve a Greenwood Bowl, Fine Woodworking #263 September/October 2017

Master Class: Decorative Chip Carving, Fine Woodworking #263 September/October 2017

Fine Woodworking Back Cover and corresponding “How They Did It” article.  Issue #260 March/April 2017.  Written by Jon Binzen.  Link to the pdf.

Design Matters: Fair Curves, Popular Woodworking #214 November 2014.  Article by George Walker about my work in his column “Design Matters.”

A Horse of a Different Sort, Woodwork Magazine #74 December 2008.  The article can be read at this page of my website.