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Finding the Spoon in the Crook

I like making spoons from crooks.  It makes for strong elegant spoons that let the tree be a design partner.  Besides, I like discovering the crooks. When a crook is split, the sinuous ergonomic profile of the spoon is revealed.  … Continue reading

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What Thumbnails Are For

Sharp makes everything better; less force is required to cut, control is gained, and the surface left from the tool is superior.  As obvious as that is, it is easily forgotten in the midst of a project and the haste … Continue reading

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Overlooked Hooks and Crooks

Here’s to the overlooked.  Like the next guy, I appreciate the smooth curves of a well-made hook knife or the rich brown tones of a piece of walnut.  But last week I devoted some attention to a hook and tree that often go unnoticed. It … Continue reading

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The Carving Fountain of Youth

By now, most of you have probably watched the video featuring Bengt Lidström, renowned Swedish architect and bowl carver.  Recently, I contacted Drew Langsner in an effort to learn more about Bengt.  He informed me of an extensive article about … Continue reading

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Greenwood Fest Registration

About a month ago, I wrote a brief post about plans for the Plymouth Craft Greenwood Fest.  While specific scheduling for sessions is ongoing (and I still need to decide upon the focus areas for my demonstrations and instruction), the … Continue reading

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