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Workbench and Photo Studio in One

When it comes to photography, I have no idea what I’m doing.  But then my goal is not to create amazing photographs, but rather to simply take a photograph that captures the true sense of a piece;  I want the … Continue reading

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Sand Bags

Sand bags are usually called upon in times of life-and-death seriousness; like for parapets and levees.  I have one in my shop that serves a less intense purpose.  The last few evenings, I have been carving and refining a walnut … Continue reading

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Good News about Chairs

Twelve years ago, I made my first chair from a tree.  I had no idea how to do it until I watched a video called Make a Chair from a Tree by J. Alexander.  The process and the concept were explained so … Continue reading

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Get a Grip

You may remember the “Pine Tar Game:”  On July 24, 1983, The Kansas City Royals were losing 4-3 to the New York Yankees in the top of the ninth inning.  George Brett, the Royals’ last hope, approached the plate with two … Continue reading

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I hope you love birds too.

I hope you love birds too.  It is economical.  It saves going to heaven. -Emily Dickinson It is very pleasant work carving bird bowls.  I start with a branch and a few roughly sketched lines.  After much bulk is removed … Continue reading

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Working for Walnut

Over the weekend, it warmed up to the low 30’s.  That made it a good time to collect some black walnut from a tree that had uprooted a couple months ago on a friend’s property.  You can see it down there … Continue reading

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Ellipse Layout

Mankind is not a circle with a single center but an ellipse with two focal points of which facts are one and ideas the other.            –Victor Hugo An ellipse is an endlessly adaptable shape that … Continue reading

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Once in a long while, I will encounter an interesting and usable burl on a fallen tree or branch.  They say that burls result from stress usually in the form of some infestation or injury.  The result is a wart … Continue reading

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Hold Fast!

So you’ve sandwiched the bowl between extended bench dogs and you’re making the final paring cuts when an unfortunate series of events occurs, all within a split second.  The end on which you are working goes down suddenly, the gouge makes … Continue reading

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As we make our official transition into another calendar year, maybe it is an appropriate time to think about mellowing.  It is reassuring to know that many things in life sweeten and become more beautiful with time.  Wood can be … Continue reading

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