Links and Sources

Below are some links to tool makers and suppliers for specialty woodworking and carving tools, with some adze-specific links further down.

Classic Hand Tools

Lucian Avery

Kalthoff Axes

Seven Pines Forge

Hans Karsson

Jason Lonon

Reid Schwartz

Robin Wood

Deep Woods Ventures Knives

Liam Hoffman

Matt White

Green Haven Forge

Nic Westermann 

Ben Orford 


Woodland Craft Supplies


Pinewood Forge 

Ragweed Forge


Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Kestrel Tool

North Bay Forge


Black Bear Forge

Highland Woodworking

Lee Valley (Veritas)

Tools for Working Wood

Neeman Tools

Maine Coast Craft School

Barr Specialty Tools


Rovtar Forge

Peachtree Woodworking Supply

Taylor Toolworks

Adze Specific Links

Demand for bowl adzes has grown immensely over the last several years, and there have been new makers beyond what I have kept up with. From what I can see — and from what I have heard from others with direct experience — many are very good. I’ll include some links to some makers and suppliers below, not as an endorsement necessarily, but rather just as some helpful possibilities as folks explore and search for adzes. U.S. supplier European supplier

Green Haven Forge

Woodland Craft Supplies European supplier Hans Karlsson’s site Svante Djarv

Nic Westermann  Nic Westermann’s site Iron RamForge Lucian Avery Josh Burrell Kharkiv Forge!/Adzes/c/21924202/offset=0&sort=normal Jason Lonon Seven Pines Forge

Black Bear Forge Black Bear Forge Kestrel Tools North Bay Forge

Barr Specialty Tools Barr Quarton’s site

Rovtar Forge Rovtar Forge Etsy site