When I first created a website, my goal was to provide easy access to information to others who were interested, like me, in making things from wood. That goal remains unchanged. I hope these resources help you and encourage you in your woodworking.

My blog contains hundreds of posts, searchable and organized by topic, with helpful information. You’ll find a ton of information and images there.

I write articles for Fine Woodworking Magazine and have collaborated with them to create an instructional video. There is a list of the articles here. You can also search at Fine Woodworking online .

I have videos on Youtube, some on my channel and some recorded by others, at Spoonfest for example. A search on Youtube under “David Fisher bowl carver,” or something similar, will bring those up.

The pages below provide easy access to some other commonly sought information:

Published Articles List

Frequently Asked Questions

Links and Sources

Use and Care

Bowl Horse