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Proof of the Workmanship of Risk

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and it put me in the mood to do a little early Spring cleaning in the shop.  Scattered around were these reminders of the “workmanship of risk.”  That was, of course, the phrase coined … Continue reading

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Dancing with Nature

What a privilege it is to collaborate with Nature.  Green wood is a medium that has a lot to say; there is no blank canvas.  Nature is a dance partner, and she usually takes the lead. Especially in pieces like … Continue reading

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On Flutes and Aging

I don’t know much about cheese or scotch, but I’ve heard they can improve if you just let them sit around awhile.  The same might be said for wood sometimes.  This maple bowl underway is from a log that hung around in … Continue reading

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It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green

So here is the finished little sumac bowl that I discussed in this earlier post.  No coloring of any kind has been added to this piece; the wood is just that wild.  I like the color against the little tangerines.  Well, at … Continue reading

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Jason Lonon

Today, we are lucky to be experiencing a revival of traditional toolmaking, and there are many smiths making excellent tools.  However, there has been a bit of an exception when it comes to the adze.  About six months ago, I … Continue reading

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Painted Bowl

  Several weeks ago, I wrote a post about carving the side panels of this maple bowl.  Since then, I’ve completed the painting — a slow process.  Not just because artist’s oils dry slowly, but more so because I did … Continue reading

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Great Wonders

If I say to my neighbor, “Come with me, I have great wonders to show you,” he pricks up his ears and comes forthwith; but when I take him on the hills under the full blaze of the sun, or … Continue reading

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Some Spoons For Sale

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been carving some spoons from crooks.  Here are seven of them, and I’m offering them for sale.  I’ll provide photos and a brief description of each one below, but there are some … Continue reading

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