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White Oak Bowl — Finished

  In creating, the only hard thing’s to begin; A grass-blade’s no easier to make than an oak — James Russell Lowell, A Fable for Critics (1848) I wonder if James Russell Lowell ever carved an oak bowl?  In these … Continue reading

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Sinuous Side Panels

A week or two ago, a friend had a red maple (Acer rubrum) tree down, and I was happy to help him cut it up and rescue a few chunks for bowls.  The creamy white wood might represent a great … Continue reading

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Carving with Kids

Ten years ago, when my son was six, I gave him a pocketknife.  My wife thought this was stupid.  Within a day, I was with him at the emergency room watching him get stitches in his finger.  This was rough, … Continue reading

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A Hollow Bunny

As children, many of us experienced the disappointment of biting into a chocolate Easter bunny only to discover that it was hollow.  Oh cruel world!  But no worries this time: the bunny above is made of wood, not chocolate.  And … Continue reading

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Roughing It

I’ve been roughing out bowls.  Rather than store logs for long periods in the summer heat, I try to do the green carving and let the roughed bowls dry.  Then they can patiently wait for further carving until I get … Continue reading

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White Oak Bowl — Hollowing with an Adze

When I have demonstrated at festivals, I have noticed several different types of reactions and comments among observers.  By far, the most common reaction is sincere interest and curiosity that elicits good questions from open minds and enjoyable conversation. However, … Continue reading

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