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Birds Ready to Fly to Plymouth

In addition to starting some larger walnut bowls, I’ve been working to get some examples finished to take to Plymouth for the Greenwood Fest in a couple weeks.  Among them are some lettering examples, a couple medium-sized bowls, and some bird … Continue reading

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Jolly Good Ale and Old

  William Stevenson was a sixteenth century English clergyman and playwright who also wrote this charming drinking song.  In it, we find reference to ale bowls, both “scour’d” and “lustily troll’d.”  And all wives should take notice of the generosity demonstrated by Tib. … Continue reading

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Curtis Buchanan

I’ve not had the good fortune to meet Curtis Buchanan, but he is an inspiration.  A friend recently drew my attention to a new short film featuring some thoughtful insights from Curtis.  I just had to share it:

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Squirrels Love Bird Bowls

  You can’t be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideology of a violet. — Hal Borland, Sundial of the Seasons (1964)

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Beautiful Weather for Carving

Well, for carving inside anyway.  Temperatures in the low 40s, rain, and even snow this morning!  More encouragement to stay in the shop and continue work on some of the things I want to take as examples to Greenwood Fest in … Continue reading

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Exploring Bowl

As I began to hew this round cherry bowl, inspiration struck and I decided to have the exterior form flow over the rim as if to explore the interior.  Since then, the form has brought other ideas to mind, including that … Continue reading

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Sharpening an Adze

I took some photos tonight while I sharpened my adze.  I wrote about my general sharpening procedure for an axe in this post a while back.  The general idea is the same, but sharpening an adze can be more intimidating … Continue reading

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