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Adaptable Shaving Horse

I was rooting around in the basement last weekend, and came upon a blast from the past: an attachment for my English-style shaving horse.  It was the beginning of the idea that ultimately resulted in my bowl horse.  Since writing the … Continue reading

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More Spoons

Before I return to bowls, I wanted to post these six spoons I’ve finished.  Again, most of these are black cherry (Prunus serotina), but a couple are border privet (Ligustrum obstusifolium).   There are areas on my walks that are … Continue reading

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The Magic of a Shrink Box

There may be no project in green woodworking as magical as the making of a shrink box.  The magic happens slowly, but you still want to find somebody to ask, “Did you see that?!”  Maybe that’s why I can’t resist … Continue reading

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Carving Round Bowls can be Super

If you’re going to make round bowls, why not use a lathe?  Well, because I’m chicken.  There’s something about a twenty pound chunk of wood spinning around at five hundred rpm that makes me not want to poke it with … Continue reading

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