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Chairmaker’s Notebook

Some of my favorite books have beautifully drawn illustrations.  Books by Eric Sloane and Edwin Tunis come immediately to mind.  I can now add another to that list: Chairmaker’s Notebook by Peter Galbert. One difference is that, while Sloane and … Continue reading

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Round Top

I recently completed the green-carving stage of a walnut bowl.  This log was twenty-seven inches long with heartwood about fifteen inches wide.  I wanted the rim of the bowl to sweep gently downward from the handles to the middle. When … Continue reading

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Quiet Green Places

Industrial progress may be likened to a wide road of modern design, along the centre of which traffic is speeding at tremendous and dangerous velocity.  At the sides there are footpaths where old people may saunter and children may loiter; … Continue reading

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New Walnut Bowl

I have finished this fluted walnut bowl. While the flutes are nice, I tried to make the other, more hidden, side of the bowl interesting as well.  I hope it is like a pleasant surprise when somebody picks it up. As can be … Continue reading

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Spring Inspiration

The Grass so little has to do – A Sphere of simple Green – With only Butterflies to brood And Bees to entertain – And stir all day to pretty Tunes The Breezes fetch along – And hold the Sunshine … Continue reading

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