I have no classes scheduled at this time, but I look forward to when I will.  I’ll announce any developments through my blog and will also post them on this page.   Meanwhile, there are two different video course options…

  1. Recording of Live Bowl Carving Class with Elia Bizzarri and Me

During February and March 2021, Elia Bizzarri and I recorded over 9 hours of bowl carving instruction in three live zoom sessions. The sessions follow the process, step-by-step from a half log around 8-10 inches in diameter to a bowl like the ones above and below. If you lack greenwood, you could follow along and do just fine with a dry length of 4×6 timber, say 14-16 inches long — ideally something like basswood or poplar if you’re working dry wood. While this bowl design is accessible for beginners, the class isn’t really about making a particular bowl. It focuses on the concepts and skills that can be used and adapted for a variety of styles and designs.

Although I did plenty of fumbling around with my web cam and the whole thing is unscripted, there are some interesting advantages to this format. For one, the fact that the participants could interject with impromptu questions mid-process, meant that clarifications could be made for the benefit of all. And there were tons of excellent questions! After I demonstrated each step, Elia — documented with his high-quality cameras and camerapersons — carried out that step on his bowl while adapting to the equipment and tools available in his shop.

Every minute was recorded. If you’d like to access an episode or all three, they are available through Elia’s website, where you’ll find more information including a description of each episode.

2. Fine Woodworking Magazine Online Video Workshop

In 2017, Fine Woodworking Magazine’s Ben Strano and Jeff Roos visited my workshop and made an excellent video workshop that follows the process from log to finished bowl. This beautifully produced video features a larger bowl with different design elements, both in form and in decorative details. Detailed filming of each technique performed at an unhurried pace. The instruction includes a carved necklace around the rim of the bowl. This is available with a subscription at Fine Woodworking online, and now also available as a stand-alone video workshop for about half the price of a subscription.

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