Roughing It


I’ve been roughing out bowls.  Rather than store logs for long periods in the summer heat, I try to do the green carving and let the roughed bowls dry.  Then they can patiently wait for further carving until I get to them, whether it is a month or a year later.

Among the ones in the photo is the white oak bowl that was featured in the videos on layout and hollowing (upper right).  I also planned on a video showing the hewing of the exterior, but I had technical problems that put an end to that idea.  The good news is that I already have two videos on my website that show that process.  Here is one, and here is the other.

I’d much rather carve than mess around with an ipad anyway, and I need to get to it.  As Peter Follansbee shockingly reminded me in his latest post, there will soon be an intrusion on my carving time and other summer projects I’ve postponed.  Time to make hay while the sun shines.

Come fall, those dry bowls will be patiently and pleasantly waiting for me in the evenings.

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3 Responses to Roughing It

  1. ctregan says:

    Does the roughed out blanks dry faster and more even than full logs?


  2. Dave Fisher says:

    Yes, much faster and with no cracks. The bowls in the photo were carved to that stage while still green. I have a post on drying from a couple months ago. Just search “drying” on the right and it should come up.


  3. James Kuhn says:

    Plus, working in the ‘shop’ when it’s cool outside is a much better deal. Although, I do like taking a walk in the woods during the fall or after the first snow. Both seem to wash my brain clean.

    All the best,



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