A Hollow Bunny


As children, many of us experienced the disappointment of biting into a chocolate Easter bunny only to discover that it was hollow.  Oh cruel world!  But no worries this time: the bunny above is made of wood, not chocolate.  And if a wooden bunny is hollow, that’s just cool.

IMG_0958A friend recently sent me a couple photos of this piece he discovered in a chateau outside of Paris.  About two feet long, it has been carefully carved, right down to the collar around the neck.  The hollowed upper half lifts off to reveal a lower portion carved into two storage areas.  A careful look at the bottom half reveals that this rabbit has a rabbet.  I have no photo to show it, but the  upper half must have a corresponding rabbet carved along it’s inner rim.

Whether or not one wants to carve a bunny, this piece does inspire some ideas.  How about a bowl with an integral vertical divider?  And better yet, a bowl as a lid for a bowl below, forming a container as with this rabbit.  The design ideas are endless.  I would love to see any other examples of such a form.


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