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Chairmaker’s Notebook

Some of my favorite books have beautifully drawn illustrations.  Books by Eric Sloane and Edwin Tunis come immediately to mind.  I can now add another to that list: Chairmaker’s Notebook by Peter Galbert. One difference is that, while Sloane and … Continue reading

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In 1974, I hadn’t yet learned to read.  I didn’t know what I was missing.  Two books with a similar theme were published in that year, and they are both gems.  Both involve married couples traveling thousands of miles to … Continue reading

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I have received some emails lately asking for book recommendations, both for bowl/spoon carving and for the decorative carving that I do on some bowls.  Bear with me, and I’ll get around to some recommendations regarding bowl carving as well … Continue reading

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Good News about Chairs

Twelve years ago, I made my first chair from a tree.  I had no idea how to do it until I watched a video called Make a Chair from a Tree by J. Alexander.  The process and the concept were explained so … Continue reading

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