I hope you love birds too.

I hope you love birds too.  It is economical.  It saves going to heaven.

-Emily Dickinson

It is very pleasant work carving bird bowls.  I start with a branch and a few roughly sketched lines.  After much bulk is removed with the axe and adze, much of the carving on these small bowls is done sitting down with a couple knives and a gouge or two.


I’ve finished a couple recently, one in birch above, and another from a curved cherry branch (below).  I’ve just posted them, as well as another cherry bowl (further below) to my available for purchase page at the website if you’d like to have a closer look.



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4 Responses to I hope you love birds too.

  1. Ty Thornock says:

    Marvelous work as always. Thanks for showing them in your hands. It is nice to see the scale.


  2. Ben Lowery says:

    Reblogged this on b19y and commented:
    Just amazing, beautiful work. One day.


  3. shaun says:

    great work, i would have a hard time letting those go. nice work


  4. Tone says:

    Love the poetic quote. The birds in my garden are in full song this month, it is truly beautiful and uplifting to hear them. Planting trees & bushes and providing feeders for several years has really helped restore the bird life.


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