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Launch of the Dragon Ale-Bowl

…but Sigurd himself steered the dragon-keel which was the greatest and noblest; richly wrought were the sails, and glorious to look on. — The Story of Sigurd from The Völsunga saga, 13th century Ok, so that’s obviously not a photo of Sigurd’s ship … Continue reading

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Birds Ready to Fly to Plymouth

In addition to starting some larger walnut bowls, I’ve been working to get some examples finished to take to Plymouth for the Greenwood Fest in a couple weeks.  Among them are some lettering examples, a couple medium-sized bowls, and some bird … Continue reading

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Exploring Bowl

As I began to hew this round cherry bowl, inspiration struck and I decided to have the exterior form flow over the rim as if to explore the interior.  Since then, the form has brought other ideas to mind, including that … Continue reading

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Dancing with Nature

What a privilege it is to collaborate with Nature.  Green wood is a medium that has a lot to say; there is no blank canvas.  Nature is a dance partner, and she usually takes the lead. Especially in pieces like … Continue reading

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