Dancing with Nature


What a privilege it is to collaborate with Nature.  Green wood is a medium that has a lot to say; there is no blank canvas.  Nature is a dance partner, and she usually takes the lead.


Goose-inspired bowl carved last year.

Especially in pieces like the bowl to the left, the natural form in the tree has much more influence on the design than I do.  I wrote about that bowl early last year in this post, including a discussion of how I went about making it.  I won’t bother repeating the whole discussion here, but I found a culled cherry tree recently and saw another bird in part of it (top photo).  I’ve begun to hew and hollow it, and I thought I’d share some photos of my progress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Taking into account the unique character of this crook, I’ve decided on some design differences from the one referenced from last year.  A few things to point out in the slide show above: After splitting, I hewed the split surfaces by working with the adze across the grain; I then flattened the bottom surface further with a plane; I adjusted the upper round of the body with a drawknife, then sketched some rough outlines on the upper and lower surfaces; After doing some basic hewing of the body, I hollowed with adze and gouge.  Hopefully, I’ll finish the green stages this weekend.

For the portion of the hollow near the neck, I wanted an undercut area that couldn’t be reached with a bent gouge.  A spoon gouge may have worked, but it was a perfect use for the twca cam.  I recorded a simple video of working with the twca cam — nothing special, but I thought it might be useful to somebody:











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3 Responses to Dancing with Nature

  1. Eric Goodson says:

    Nice Dave! That is going to be a wonderful bowl! I love the shape it is taking.


    • Dave Fisher says:

      Thanks Eric. Making bowls from pieces like this reminds me of being a kid and finding cool sticks. Like finding treasure. My role is relatively minimal. Like a great Rhododendron branch some nice guy gave me once.


  2. Chris Fuller says:

    Great demo Dave and killer knife. I have a Deepwoods Ventures with an 8-inch handle…great control with two hands.


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