Exploring Bowl


IMG_6801As I began to hew this round cherry bowl, inspiration struck and I decided to have the exterior form flow over the rim as if to explore the interior.  Since then, the form has brought other ideas to mind, including that of a lily pad.  Hopefully, the photos in the slideshow below provide an idea of the various textures as well as the subtle quilted figure within this cherry log.

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6 Responses to Exploring Bowl

  1. I love the change in the length and breadth of the gouge marks. The long thin pattern creates a strong feeling of movement and the shorter broader marks as the outside turns over to the inside seem like a river pausing ahead of a rapid. It must very tactile; its future owner will need a sign politely asking visitors not to rub it to oblivion.
    Beautifully done.


    • Dave Fisher says:

      Thanks, I appreciate that description and your comment about the tactile quality of the piece. I like that one can run one’s hands over a piece like this and experience it more completely. I’m always the guy touching the thing with the sign right beside it that says “Please do not touch.”


  2. William Palmer says:

    Very nice photos David. Are you using your phone or the ipad?


    • Dave Fisher says:

      Thanks, Bill. Old school — a real digital camera! Canon EOS Rebel that we’ve had for years; not that I know how to use it! I just take a bunch of shots and a few turn out ok. It would probably be better if I knew how to adjust all the settings, etc., but I just have the settings on auto mode. The only thing I override is the flash. I never use a flash; I just try to take advantage of natural light coming through the shop window or outside.

      Actually, I don’t own a smart phone, but once in awhile I’ll borrow my wife’s ipad for something. Maybe I’ll get with the times one of these days.


  3. Nat Cohen says:

    Hi Dave- That is a gorgeous bowl. Beautiful carving. I see that I am not the only one taken with your photos!


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