Florida in February

Florida postcardIf you want to drop in for three days at the Florida School of Woodworking in Tampa, I’ll be teaching a bowl carving class there as part of Fine Woodworking’s Hands On Tampa event February 1-3, 2019.  I’ve never spent a single day of winter where there’s no winter, but I’ll manage somehow.  They tell me we may even get to carve outside — in February!

There are seven other classes as well, with a list of instructors that I would love to learn from, including Mary May and Peter Galbert. Registration has now opened.  Check it out at the link above.

I’ll be in Plymouth again too — after things warm up next year.  More on that and other possibilities later as things take shape.


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4 Responses to Florida in February

  1. Martin W Loring says:

    I wish I could get to Florida, but I can’t at present. I don’t know if you have ever considered coming out to the West Coast. If this is something you might consider, I highly recommend the Port Townsend School of Woodworking on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. if you have any interest, I would love to introduce you to the Director. The School is on an old Army base with a number of other schools adjacent to a quaint old community. I have taken a couple of week long classes there, and find it to be an excellent, well equipped school with terrific craftsman/teachers. I would love to take a bowl (or spoon, or letter) carving class from you, and have no doubt that any such class would quickly fill to capacity.
    – Envious West Coast Guy


  2. Jed Dillard says:

    Sounds cool. Maybe the mosquitos will have abated by then.


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