Three Bears’ Bowls


Among the projects I’ve got underway are these three bowls that Goldilocks might find just right for pilfered porridge.  I made use of a central section of the big cherry log I split up a few weeks ago.  I wrote about that process in this post.  This is the section labeled “A” in the photo below.


I wanted three bowls of the same size, so I hewed and planed this billet, then laid out the three bowls in a row along its length.  After some adze chopping, I cleaned up the hollows with a bent gouge.


Then I sawed them apart before hewing the outsides with an axe.  Three stages of that process can be seen below from right to left.


After a little work with a spokeshave, they’re ready to dry.


After drying, I’ll re-carve all of the inner and outer surfaces, including three different texture patterns on the exteriors.  If all goes as planned, these will appear again, finished, in a future article.  There, I’ll write at greater length about the process, and we’ll see which one turns out “just right.”


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7 Responses to Three Bears’ Bowls

  1. John Rollo says:

    Excellent! Inspirational!

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  2. Scott Thomas says:

    Looks like someone will be getting new cereal bowls for Christmas. It’s hard to imagine one being just right over the other two. However, could it be that by the nature of the wood, creating bowls of this size, out of the same piece, they could end up not being of equal quality?


    • Dave Fisher says:

      The wood is consistent, Scott, but I could simply mess up on a couple or do particularly well with one, but even if the quality is about the same, a person may have a preference for one of the three textures I’ll be carving.


  3. Dirk Algar says:

    I wonder if you have ever considered carving a 3 bowl vessel like the picture before you split it apart?

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  4. Mr Fisher, Love your work! You should try to leave 3 bowls connected and carve them like normal bowls or with Facets on the outside. They would be wonderful for a dinner party or serving 3 dif snacks or so on . With you talent it would be awesome !-BrianDouglas

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  5. Dave, your adze work is superb. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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