Dan Dustin and the Spoon Auction


Today, I was exploring the rich variety of spoons up for bid in the online auction to benefit the Wille Sundqvist and Bill Coperthwaite Slöjd Fellowship Fund.  Many more spoons had been posted over the last couple weeks.  The auction just opened for bidding, so check it out.

As I looked through the inspiring and wonderful variety of donated items from around the world, my mind settled on a long twisted ladle by Dan Dustin.  I’ve not met Mr. Dustin, and that, along with his philosophy and unconventional life and methods makes him a sort of mythical character in my mind.  Yet, I’m assured he’s quite real and has been continuously making wonderful spoons in the mountains of New Hampshire since the Nixon administration.

Seeing Dan’s ladle reminds me of his book Spoon Tales.  I acquired a copy a few years back, and beautiful photographs by Clive Russ accompany the sparse but meaningful text.

Having evolved as tool users, we know when we see something that will serve us.  That knowledge called beauty, is felt below the ribs and confirmed by touch.

— Dan Dustin, Spoon Tales

And if you might enjoy some spoon carving wrapped into a novel, Dan’s work inspired author Ernest Hebert to write Spoonwood .  It’s a gripping and touching story with lots of juicy spoon carving scenes!

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4 Responses to Dan Dustin and the Spoon Auction

  1. Thanks for sharing Dave. I’ll have to hunt down a copy of Spoonwood…sounds “gripping!”


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