Sighting the Lines


Like looking down the road.

We’re all familiar with the idea of sighting down the length of a board to check for straightness of line.  It is amazing how well our eyes can pick up even slight deviations in the flow of a line when viewed from such a vantage point.  I use this concept all of the time when carving bowls, sighting along curves to check for fairness and flow.








Image result for curving highway

When we look down a curving road, we can sense the flow of the curves through imagined movement along them. Likewise, when I look along the lines and surfaces of a bowl, I find my head and shoulders moving as if I am in miniature gliding along the surface.  Maybe that’s weird, but I don’t have to stand in an amusement park line, and somehow it helps me to understand the forms.

I just finished a walnut bowl that features several flowing lines and surfaces, the one I was working on in the top photo.  Here are a few other photos of the finished bowl:

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3 Responses to Sighting the Lines

  1. hiddenspoons says:

    I love the analogy.
    Life can very much be like carving a piece of green wood.


  2. Andrew Smith says:

    Wow! You may at times dig deep for inspiration but the outcome is usually the same! Just amazing. That looks awesome.


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