Going with the Flow


Back in June, I wrote a post about splitting a large maple crook.  Here it is again, sitting on a rock in the Little Shenango River.  The arch from head through tail follows the grain of the crook, and the wood revealed an interesting S-curve in the other plane.  I went with that general flow as can be seen in the next two photos, altering the symmetry to account for the movement as well.


IMG_9112The curl through the piece is lovely, but makes for tricky surface carving.  Patience, sharp tools, and light cuts are key.  All surfaces are straight from the gouge and knife.

15 inches long, 4 3/4 inches wide, and 9 inches high.







IMG_9089My buddy, Sam, and I took the photos this morning during a walk along the river.  Today is his ninth birthday.  He enjoyed exploring,…







…although he did look a little surprised that I put the bowl in the river:


The river is so low that we were basically able to take our walk in it.  We saw some cool things, including this clam out for a stroll:



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7 Responses to Going with the Flow

  1. Michael Slyzyk (UK) says:

    Now here is a man I want to read more from… goes for a walk by and in the river, with his dog and a camera – and takes his bowl with him. Thanks David for sharing your thoughts and tremendous work with us – since i discovered your website and blog I look forward to each entry… and often refer to your website, my interest in carving started a few years ago chopping firewood and thinking there are better things to do with wood than just putting it on a fire… I probably won’t reach a great level of craftsmanship but I’m going to relish the challenge of getting better. Thank you very much David for your generosity.

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  2. kneetoknee says:

    Lovely Dave – thanks for posting

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  3. Wayne says:

    That’s beautiful. You’re a great craftsman


  4. Amy says:

    Happy (belated) birthday, Sam! So handsome. (All of it. :))


  5. wurzelgummage says:

    Thanks for directing me to your excellent website and blog from Peter Follansbees’ blog, you’ve given me so much inspiration and I’m not even a third of the way through it.

    It’s excellent and I can’t wait for the book 😉



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