Around the Shop


A look around the shop this morning, beginning with sections of a big walnut log I busted up which should become walnut bowls before too long.  And a requested set of cherry shrink boxes in the rough, drying:


My dogwood froe club finally bit the dust.  It served well for over a decade, but cracked apart yesterday.  I’ve got another waiting in the wings.

Another ale bowl nearly finished.


A drying haft.


Found odds and ends awaiting inspiration.


A just-finished bowl from a log that shouldn’t be around this area — red alder.  I tried a new design idea that brings to mind different things depending on how I view it: a leaf, a boat, or a bird.

And, lastly, a sleeping Sam.  Happy Labor Day.



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10 Responses to Around the Shop

  1. Scott Kinsey says:

    Back at you, Dave. Happy Labor Day. Think I’ll see if there are any trout in the river….


  2. Barry Gordon says:

    Thanks David. Your posts are always inspiring no matter what the topic.


  3. Jason says:

    I’d be interested to hear how you liked carving in alder. Living in Southeast Alaska means that alder is the only wood I’ve ever had a chance to carve green.


    • Dave Fisher says:

      I didn’t find it noticeably different from carving something like tulip poplar or birch, maybe a little softer than those. I enjoyed working with it overall. I did notice that it soaks up oil like a sponge!


  4. wurzelgummage says:

    Is your adze iron from Kestrel Tools ?



    • Dave Fisher says:

      Yep. It’s the Baby Adze Straight Iron. I want to experiment with it for exterior shaping in certain situations and also play around with texturing. Kestrel includes a great information packet including how to achieve the proper geometry if you’re doing the hafting.


  5. cheryl says:

    Love your site and your talent. Always happy to see a new post from you.
    I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on the straight baby adze. I have one or very similar. haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. I bought it to hollow. (mine is curved so a little different) But, Maybe that wasn’t the best idea? For a beginner, that is. Its a beautiful tool, Don’t get me wrong. Just curious to hear your thought on the best uses. I have either the baby or next size up. cant recall right now. Kestrel makes lovely tools. I have a couple others and they’re just great.

    Thank you!


    • Dave Fisher says:

      Thanks Cheryl. I’ll post about it someday. I don’t have one of Kestrel’s curved (gutter) adzes like yours, but the geometry (judging by the photos) does seem to be quite different from the hollowing adzes I’m more used to. Maybe some day I’ll try one of those as well. Happy carving!


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