Happy New June

emma shave horse_NEW

Fifteen years has seen many changes, among them smaller spoons.

Another school year has ended around here. Always an exciting time for me, but this year particularly so.  My wife, Kristin, and I watched the older of our two children, Emma, graduate from high school yesterday.  While it makes me nostalgic and in wonder of where the time has gone, we are all focused on the possibilities and adventures ahead.

So, while some mark the new year in January, for me June has always felt like my time for renewal and reflection.  I have been fortunate to have ever-increasing creative opportunities, and I appreciate all of you that have taken the time to visit the blog, share comments, or support my work.  I am excited for the new opportunities June brings, starting with Greenwood Fest this weekend.

Emma doesn’t spend much time at the shaving horse anymore, but she can draw rings around me and her boundless creative mind is a constant inspiration.  Now that June has arrived, she and I will both have more time for making things, including shavings.

Emma eye sketch



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1 Response to Happy New June

  1. kneetoknee says:

    Lovely photo and reflections David. I look forward to seeing you in Plymouth


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