Surround Yourself

Greenwood Fest demo

Arturo has my back!  (Thanks, Paul, for the Photo)

We’ve all heard the sage advice about surrounding yourself with good people. Over the past several days, I found myself in just such a lucky situation.

I normally muddle away on my own, surrounded by logs, tools, and books. Thanks to Peter Follansbee’s encouragement, I came out of the shop in September for a special trip to Maine and Lie-Nielsen Toolworks.  I felt the magic of being with a group of people who share a love for creating.

When Peter and his friends at Plymouth Craft presented me with the opportunity to be a part of Greenwood Fest, I jumped at it. Now that I’m home, I’m reflecting on that same feeling, but on a larger scale.

I, indeed, was surrounded by good people; from the staff at Pinewoods Camp, to the other instructors, to the volunteers that kept the whole thing running, to the people that traveled from far and wide with hatchets and knives.  I was able to meet and talk with people whose work I admired, and some that were new to me.  I enjoyed hearing their stories and sharing time and laughs among the wood chips.


Bill enjoyed the visit to Elizabeth’s 17th century house, but would have trouble living there!

It also takes outstanding people to run an outstanding organization, people like those behind Plymouth Craft, led by Paula Marcoux. Without exception these were dedicated, creative, inspiring folks that, in some cases, even opened their homes to us.

After working with the folks that are Plymouth Craft, I am even more pleased that I’ll be returning to Plymouth at the end of July to work with them again to teach a bowl carving class.  As Jogge often says, “I am so happy.”

I neglected to take many photos, although I will share some from a rare moment when my camera was with me in a future post. My lack of a smart phone, and the site of my “dumb” phone, generated some laughs.   Below, I’ll direct you elsewhere for some great shots from the Fest, and there are many more to be found.  There you’ll see some of the good people that made this event so memorable. Meanwhile, I’m full of creative energy and ready to get back to work in the shop.

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4 Responses to Surround Yourself

  1. hiscarpentry says:

    It was very nice to meet you! I wish I could have been in on one of your sessions. I hope to make the July class.


  2. Paul Anderson says:

    What would the weekend have been with out the “death grip?” I had a great time, super demonstrators, and met lots of interesting people. Dave, you were great. I enjoyed watching your process from log to bowl in person. You explained the process well, the use of tools, layout, answered questions with a few laughs thrown in. I even got to touch that black walnut bowl. Thanks for getting out of the house to share your talents with us.


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