Great Wonders


If I say to my neighbor, “Come with me, I have great wonders to show you,” he pricks up his ears and comes forthwith; but when I take him on the hills under the full blaze of the sun, or along the country road, our footsteps lighted by the moon and stars, and say to him, “Behold, these are the wonders, these are the circuits of the gods, this we now tread is a morning star,” he feels defrauded, and as if I had played him a trick.  And yet nothing less than dilation and enthusiasm like this is the badge of the master walker.

— John Burroughs, The Exhilarations of the Road (1875)

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4 Responses to Great Wonders

  1. Barry Gordon says:

    Great! Thanks David


  2. Chris Fuller says:



  3. Cynthia Sartor says:

    The quote above reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite books, Report to Greco by Nikos Kazantzakis [author of Zorba the Greek]. It is an autobiography. He spends some of his younger years wandering the Mediterranean area looking for an understanding of God. He finds himself in the desert with a band of whirling dervishes. In the night time the head dervish sits with him on one of the desert dunes in the darkness and looks to the sky. The dervish asks Kazantzakis what his name for God was. Kazantzakis was shocked and said that if he named God that would limit God. Then he asked the dervish what his name for God was and the dervish looked to the night sky with and abundance of stars and open his arms and said that if he were to name God he would name him, “Ahhhhhh.”

    I love this story and thought you might also. Happy New Year. Cynthia

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  4. What a refreshing post to start the year 🙂 Just what I needed, thanks!


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