For a Christmas Workbench

I couldn’t help it. As a kid, when I was handed a Christmas package that seemed likely to contain clothing or some other uninteresting stuff, I couldn’t hide my disappointment. Packs of tube socks and underwear were politely acknowledged, then unceremoniously set to the side. What an ungrateful little snot.

The gifts that really got me excited were the ones that held the promise of creative possibilities. Crayons, Lite Brite, Legos, modeling clay… When it comes to woodworking, I remember a wood burning (pyrography) tool and a Handy Andy tool kit — with wood-handled tools painted with light blue accents.

These memories came to mind as I worked on the little sign in the photo above. A friend had explained to me that his young grandson, Christopher, has a budding passion for woodworking. He wanted a plaque to personalize the workbench he and his wife are giving Christopher for Christmas. A workbench?! Tube socks don’t stand a chance.

This little (13″ x 2 3/8″) cherry sign will be mounted to the bench. The letters in that bottom line are only about 1/2″ high, so I had to put the “cheater” glasses on for that. I hope the sign gets dinged up over the years as Christopher works away.

Wishing you all happy holidays and a creative 2023. And, for the record, I’ve come to appreciate socks, underwear, and just about everything else.

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16 Responses to For a Christmas Workbench

  1. The cheater glasses get more of a workout the older I get.

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  2. LW F says:

    Thanks for the lovely Post! Happy Holidays to You and the Family,

    All the very best from j.j


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  3. Tad Kepley says:

    Beautiful work Dave! He is going to love it!

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  4. Drew Knowland says:

    Lucky lad that Christopher!

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  5. Ches Spencer says:

    Woodworking/Carving/Bowl making/Chair Making : It’s All Fun during the Journey!!!

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  6. Skip Florey says:

    Nice work and the memories are terrific!
    Happy Holidays to all!!!

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  7. Michael O’Brien says:

    David, that hammer for the “ T” in Christopher is so subtle, but just makes the sign so personal for the young recipient. Wonderful work as is your usual,
    Happy Holidays and Cheers,
    Michael O’Brien

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  8. Wonderful! These days I do enjoy gifts relating to carving, whittling, etc. Merry Christmas

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  9. MRodgers says:

    Beautiful work, again! Merry Christmas to you, your family and to all of your followers.

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  10. Steve Brennecke says:

    Wonderful work and writing once again!
    Although…it seems that “cheater” is the wrong adjective for glasses that enable and enhance your work. (Was Galileo ‘cheating’ with a telescope?

    Any ideas for a new descriptive term?

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  11. JimAnd says:

    that is exquisite!

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  12. Daniel Williamson says:

    Just last night I finished up a baby ruobo bench for my 7 year old nephew for Christmas! Excited to see what he makes with it. When we made a tool tote for him last year, he was completely locked in and engaged. Fascinated by the whole process. Cute memories.


  13. Scott Thomas says:

    A very special gift to be treasured. The hammer T just sets it off as his. Very well done.


  14. Wow! What a fantastic gift…better than an Xbox game, for sure. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.


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