AAW Auction Reminder

A few months ago, I wrote a post about carving this bowl from dry walnut and mentioned that it would be part of an American Association of Woodturners exhibition The Space Between, and the connected auction. Well, as of this evening, the auction is now open for online bidding up through June 25 when live bidding will also take place for the items at the AAW International Woodturning Symposium in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

From what I understand, anyone can peruse the auction site, but they must register to bid by using the “register to bid” button.  Anyone can watch the live event, but must pre-register to bid.  Online bidding continues until the end of the auction. 

Even if you have no plan to bid on anything, it is worth taking a look at the pieces for inspiration. Just one example is Greenwood Fest alum Kalia Kliban’s redwood burl turned box. Absolutely wonderful.

And you may be asking yourself, “Why in the world is a carved bowl that has never seen a lathe part of a woodturning exhibition?” Honestly I had no idea, until I read the note at the bottom of my page, which explains that they invite a few non-turners just to shake things up a bit.

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8 Responses to AAW Auction Reminder

  1. Kalia Kliban says:

    Aw, thanks for the mention!

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  2. Skip Florey says:

    Your piece is beautiful! I took a look at the auction and “Between the Handles” is showing a lot of attention by the current bid.

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  3. Stunning work Dave! It’s funny the color looks cherry like to me. I love the fullness and emptiness of the piece (yin and yang), and your interpretation is brilliant. It looks like you’re making a big splash, bidding is already up there, congratulations. I look forward to seeing your progression, and following your most informative blog.

    I like what the AAW said about cross pollination too.

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  4. Jari Hirvonen says:

    Hi Dave!
    What an eye pleasing and interesting piece again! I wonder about the shape… The opening looks oval but is the inner shape like a hollow sphere? There is clear undercut along the long axis… so the opening will be oval due to top shape of a log?


    • Dave Fisher says:

      Jari, that’s a good question. You are right in thinking about how the arc of the top has a significant impact. For example, if I use a compass on an arched top and just strike a circle, it will appear at least slightly oval from above as the sides drop over and move inward from that vantage point. In the case of this bowl, I actually laid out an oval with the long axis running across the grain. In this post, you can see those layout lines in the first photo of the slideshow section: https://davidffisher.com/2022/02/28/bowl-from-dry-walnut/
      So, in this case, the opening is oval — sort of. An oval draped over a cylinder, I guess!
      The inner form is undercut all around, to varying degrees in response to the outer shape, ultimately. It is not as regular as a sphere in there, more of an organic shape, but essentially symmetrical from quadrant to quadrant.
      Oh boy. Does that make any sense?

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  5. Louise Wilde says:

    Such a beautiful piece.
    Will you be going to the symposium in Chattanooga? If so I’d love to meet you ,


  6. Dave Fisher says:

    Thank you, Louise. I won’t make it to Chattanooga, although I’m sure it will be a fantastic event. Enjoy. I do hope I have the chance to meet you another time.


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