The Handcarved Bowl by Danielle Rose Byrd

Danielle Rose Byrd has created a helpful and insightful resource for bowl carvers of any experience level. The Handcarved Bowl covers everything from finding material, sharpening, carving, decorating, and more. Much more detail about the book, including the Table of Contents, can be found at Danielle’s website.

Danielle obviously has dedicated the same attention to this book as she does to her wonderful bowls. The text and photos, along with illustrations by Mattie Hinkley, clearly explain processes and techniques. Most important, however, is the authentic attitude of caring that permeates the entire book. Danielle helps and encourages the reader through anticipated pitfalls and includes an extensive section on stretches and caring for one’s body.

I’ve never met Danielle in person, but I look forward to the time when we can sit down together and talk bowl carving. I admire her design sense, craftsmanship, and dedication. Her book will lead many people into the pleasures of bowl carving.

While you’re waiting for your book to arrive, listen to Danielle discuss the book and her carving journey in this episode of Amy Umbel and Brien Biedler’s Cut the Craft Podcast.

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9 Responses to The Handcarved Bowl by Danielle Rose Byrd

  1. Gene Felder says:

    I’m waiting for your book Dave!


  2. Skip Florey says:

    Dave, your comments are spot on! The Handcarved Bowl is an excellent book. It is comprehensive and easy to read, covering everything from gathering to the finishing touches. As you say it is an encouraging body of work. I highly recommend it as a resource, for both new bowl carvers and veterans.

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  3. Alison Roberts says:

    i just finished reading this and agree. I noticed a blurb in there about your fabulous bowl horse too.

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  4. Marc says:

    Not to belittle Danielle’s work (I like her bowls and her book), but I wish you had written this book.


    • Dave Fisher says:

      There will always be room for more voices, perspectives, and books on bowl carving.


      • Marc says:

        Yes, you’re right. I think you could add a lot with your drawings, your design process, your carving and lettering and on and on….
        So I will continue to wait patiently for my most wanted but not yet published book. 😊


  5. Danielle Rose Byrd says:

    Thanks, Dave. This means quite a lot coming from you, and I really appreciate you taking the time. Can’t wait to meet up one day and talk bowls.


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