Website Changes

Maybe it was the approach of fall and the transformation it brings that got me moving on changing my online situation. Two websites was one more than I needed!

I started my website ( at least ten years ago (I can’t remember exactly) with the main goal of sharing information. I had been demonstrating at local festivals and folks were interested in learning more about bowl and spoon carving. I would write down some resources for tools and other things on a scrap of paper for them. The website made that process more convenient and allowed me to share much more as it grew over time.

Then almost six years ago, inspired by how much I had been learning from Peter Follansbee’s blog, I decided to give it a whirl myself. Follansbee used WordPress for his blog, so that’s what I did, too.

Recently, it dawned on me that I could get everything into one spot and have my website and blog right here. With the different platforms, nothing would transfer automatically, so it took some effort to get it set up before saying goodbye to the old site. It did give me a chance to evaluate and reorganize some things, though.

Yesterday, the transfer of the web address was finalized and we’re rolling. Nothing at all has changed with the blog — it’s still here and if you’ve subscribed you’ll still get email notifications of new posts. But the menu at the top now includes more pages that incorporate much of the information that was available at the old site, and I still have some more to add over time.

Things seem to be working alright. If you’re having any problems, let me know. And, as always, thanks for checking in.

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10 Responses to Website Changes

  1. Gene Felder says:

    Quick glance looks great . I’ll have delve deeper. Good luck

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  2. Bob Lyons says:


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  3. Jack Gesmundo says:

    From my first visit it was a seamless transition. Congratulations on this aspect of your creative efforts. Jack

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  4. Peter Lamb says:

    Thanks for continuing to share your ideas, your skills and your good spirit, Dave – much appreciated!🌿


  5. Dean Blount says:


    Thank you! Watched all of your bowl videos on FineWoodworking and have always looked forward to your Emails. Didn’t even know about this other site of yours with all of the resources. The pictures and insights you share have been an encouragement, education and an inspiration as I putt along with woodworking during these golden years.

    God Bless, Samson Reddog

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  6. William J Bowman says:

    Great job with the consolidation effort. I appreciate the clean look and the organization. Navigation is a breeze and the content is sufficiently described to generate further interest. Well done. Makes me consider revisions to my own website.

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  7. Ron Aylor says:

    Looks great from here! Which WordPress template did you use?


    • Dave Fisher says:

      Thanks, Ron. In this recent expansion, I didn’t change the original theme I picked when I first started the blog. I think the theme is called “2010,” but it may be “retired” now. I guess I’m grandfathered in with it or something. There are lots of other themes that look almost the same. And even within a theme, much depends on how you decide to arrange things. I know I got tired of deciding!

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  8. favuncle says:

    Your work is inspiring.

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