Two Foot Two

That’s the length of this cherry bowl, so it will need a big table. It’s rare that I make bowls that long. This one began as one of my demonstration pieces for the the recent adze article in Fine Woodworking Magazine. A relatively shallow open bowl, 26″ long x 11 1/4″ wide x 3 1/2″ high.

I had some fun with a new spur-of-the-moment idea for the bottom of this one. Just a figurative tree shape.

If you’ve got a big enough spot and would like this one, send me an email at $825 includes insured shipping. SOLD

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4 Responses to Two Foot Two

  1. dchernoff says:

    Nice lines and decoration!!

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  2. Sam Glenn says:

    Beautiful work David! Could I ask what tool you use to achieve the wonderful texture on the bottom & inside this bowl? I’m guessing it’s a gouge of sort. I only have a couple, but neither let me get this look. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Sam G.

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