Easter Eggs


Turns out you don’t need little mystery tablets to color Easter eggs.  My wife Kristin and daughter Emma had some fun experimenting with what we had around the house to dye eggs yesterday.  I was like a little kid when they showed me the results, so I had to pop them into a good nest and take a photo.


The yellows are from turmeric, the pinks from beets.  The purplish blues were from blueberries and the sky blue in the foreground is from red cabbage.  They simmered each ingredient with some water, strained out the solids, then added some vinegar.  There was some wrapping with string and other preliminaries, then the eggs were popped into the dye in mason jars and put into the fridge overnight.  Now they’re ready for delivery.

Which reminds me . . . look who I spied earlier today relaxing beside the hosta shoots.


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15 Responses to Easter Eggs

  1. maydanlex says:

    Happy Easter

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  2. Bob Easton says:

    Now we know what’s in the mystery tablets! Happy Easter.

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  3. Karla Frisco says:

    Happy Easter to you and yours. The eggs are marvelous!

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  4. Drew Knowland says:

    Thank you for sharing your discovery, Dave, and Happy Easter to you and your family. Your posts always bring joy to my day.

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  5. francedozois says:

    perfect–Happy Easter to you and yours–stay safe too

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  6. mpzimmer49 says:

    I tried making easter eggs yesterday by cutting rectangle pieces out of cedar and then sanding to the right shape. I was using a plastic egg as my model and tried to fit my sanded egg into the plastic egg. I was challenged to make six of these as gifts for todays egg hunt.
    The ends of my fingers are part of the sanded eggs.

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    • Dave Fisher says:

      Talk about a tough challenge! You had me at the wooden eggs, but then tailor made to fit inside the plastic eggs….Wow. I’m sure that the lucky finders treasure their cedar eggs. Your fingerprints are sure to come back!


  7. Skip Florey says:

    Wonderful spirgtime! Happy Easter to all

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  8. Happy Easter Fisher Fans! And Fisher Family!

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  9. Barry Gordon says:

    Thanks Dave. My Emil Milan research partner and friend Phil Jurus has carved many wooden eggs-I believe as a simple (but not necessarily easy) way to show off special pieces of wood via a basic form. Pretty darn good container you have for those eggs too!


    • Dave Fisher says:

      I don’t think carving a wooden egg would be easy at all, Barry. There is indeed something wonderful about the form, so a brilliant tactile way to display different species of wood. Phil Jurus was a student of Emil’s at one point, wasn’t he?


      • Barry Gordon says:

        Yes Dave. Phil and his ex-wife Sandy spent a lot of time with Emil more or less during the period when Phil was transitioning from pastor to wood and metal craftsperson. And you’re correct that carving the egg form has been challenging for Phil but he seems to have mastered the task. Scary to do the initial shaping on the bandsaw with very little to hold onto!


  10. Dave Fisher says:

    I hope everyone had a very happy Easter! Thanks for all kind wishes.


  11. Scott Kinsey says:

    Happy Easter to all!
    Keep the faith and spirit.


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