Spoonfest and Täljfest, Summer 2019


In between other projects, I was able to spend some time roughing some spoons from a bunch of crooks I’ve gathered this winter.  I already mentioned that I’ll be doing some of that at the Plymouth CRAFT’s big Spoon Day in Buzzards Bay in June.  Now I’m excited to say I’ll be making chips August 1-4 across the Pond in England at Spoonfest 2019.  What an incredible experience it is sure to be.  I’m looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting new ones, learning, teaching, demonstrating, and walking those Edale hills.  Having never been out of the States other than a couple excursions into nearby Canada, this alone would have been a thrilling adventure.  But then there’s more…


I’ll also be taking my adze to Sweden.  A few days after Spoonfest, I’ll be at Sweden’s Sätergläntan school for Täljfest 2019.  I’ll be teaching some workshops and demonstrating, along with trying to take in all that I can from the other presenters and the inspiring surroundings, including pieces by Bengt Lidström and Wille Sundqvist.


In the meantime, I’ll pick away at the spoons.  Old Man Winter is cooperating with plenty of cold storage for them outside.  In like a lion…

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11 Responses to Spoonfest and Täljfest, Summer 2019

  1. Mike Carpenter says:

    Fantastic David I and many many other British woodcarvers will be delighted and honoured to meet you Mike Carpenter


  2. Tad Kepley says:

    Dave, I am so looking forward to getting an eating spoon carved by you. I appreciate you doing that for me because I know you are really busy. I am jealous of your upcoming travels! Good luck and enjoy yourself. I would love to travel to London one day. Also, let me know if you need me to pay in advance. Thanks, Tad

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  3. Philip Green says:

    Hi David

    That’s great news! I hope to make Spoonfest this year for the first time. I have been monitoring the potential line-up for a few months and always thought: ” if only they could get David Fisher to come over”.

    Be sure to get someone to drive you around the Yorkshire Dales for an hour or two. You won’t see any man-made idyll like it on your side of the pond.



    • Dave Fisher says:

      I’m still pinching myself that I have the opportunity to come, Philip. There will be some incredible carvers there, and I’m sure I’ll be in awe. Thanks for the tip on the Yorkshire Dales. I plan on reading up on the area over the coming months.


  4. Jeff Grill says:

    Very cool Dave. I’m glad to see so many others are beginning to see your talent. Rudy Lopez mentioned that he met you in Tampa. He’ll be staying with me later in March to demonstrate at our woodturning group in Grand Rapids, MI. As I haven’t taken a class from you yet, and don’t have an adze, I have plans to make one of your beautiful bowls with a lathe and some gouges. I’ll take a few photos and share them with you. I’m so taken by the grace of those curves! Cheers,

    Jeff Grill 616-813-1147



    • Dave Fisher says:

      Rudy’s work is beautiful. That’s a great idea to use what resources you’ve got. You could adapt some things and turn some nice round bowls on the lathe, then follow up on the form and surface with carving. I’ll look forward to seeing the photos.


  5. Scott Kinsey says:

    What an adventure!!! Have a wonderful time.

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  6. Scott Thomas says:

    What amazing opportunities Dave. I know you will both provide and receive a great deal from your trip. I wish you safe travels and many blessings. Enjoy.


  7. Cheers Dave I was wondering what you were up to. That’s fantasic news , I’m sure it’ll be Ana amazing trip.
    Nice spoon blanks.

    Still keeping my OFf the Map Puukko sharp. Been working on getting the angle just right., and knocking out some spoon blanks too. FYI I’ll be teaching a class at Roy’s this spring.



  8. Dave Fisher says:

    Hi Cara. Exciting news about your Woodwright’s School class! Best wishes for it.


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