Big September at North House


Jögge Sundqvist will present Rhythm & Slöjd at North House Folk School on September 14.

Grand Marais, Minnesota will be a hotbed of craft celebration next month.  Spoons  have been showing up on the doorstep of North House Folk School for the fundraising auction that I wrote about in this post.  There is a rich variety, with some arriving from as far away as Australia and Lithuania.  The auction will run from September 7 through September 16, so there’s still time to send a spoon.  Here is the address:

North House Folk School
P.O. Box 759
500 W. Highway 61
Grand Marais, MN 55604, USA

If you’d like to preview some of the items and plan your bids, click this link to the site for the online auction and click on “view all items.”  There are some unexpected surprises like a donated bowl made by Emil Milan.  The recently published book honoring Emil is stunningly beautiful and an inspiring read.

If you can make it to Grand Marais in person, you won’t want to miss the “Unplugged” events over the weekend of Sep. 14-16th, including Jögge Sundqvist live and in action with his Rhythm & Slöjd performance as well as his teaching.

I also wanted to pass along some very special and unique opportunities available at North House where they are accepting applications for Craft Education Internships and their Artisan Development Program.  Check out those links for more exciting information.

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7 Responses to Big September at North House

  1. sartorius2015 says:

    Thanks for mentioning Emil Milan: Midcentury Master, Dave.


    • Dave Fisher says:

      It should be mentioned more, Norm. The extensive effort that you and your team put into this book remembering Emil Milan and his work resulted in something that will stand the test of time. It is inspiring, instructive, and absolutely beautiful. I’ll plan on saying more about it when I finish the book. I get too many going at once!


  2. John Reed says:

    North House is truly an inspiring place, I visited the school last week, love the atmosphere and of course the setting, glad to see them involved in the Fellowship fundraiser. There isn’t a better time than mid-September to be in and around Grand Marais for the Unplugged weekend. I would love to see you leading a bowl carving class at North House David!


  3. John Rollo says:

    Hello Mr. David, I might be mistaken but recently ( a bit back)I thought I read a quick note on your use of Mill knives, perhaps to the effect someone had given you one? Well curiosity got the better of me and that set me to searching… I’ve just been thinking they might be excellent for various cuts, and extremely adaptable to regrind as far as ones imagination may require. The last owner of the pair I now possess was a gent by the name of Alan Dorr, exceptionally talented woodturner, unfortunately he passed away recently. I think he might have used these for marking knives but anything is possible. I’m wondering what you thought of them? Thanks again for the inspiration.. cheers!


  4. Thanks for sharing this Dave and keep up the great work.


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