Quiet Hen


Noise proves nothing.  Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she had laid an asteroid.

Mark Twain, Following the Equator (1897)

No asteroid under this chicken.  Since my last post, I finished her with oil all over, but for the exterior I mixed some titanium white artist-oil color with flax oil.  This quieted the grain of the alder wood that was also a bit blotchy in color.    By playing with the ratio of oil in the paint, different degrees of translucence can be achieved.  I allowed the grain to come through a little more strongly than the last hen I carved, but she’s still rather hushed.


The color also provides a nice contrast for the red of the crest.  And under her is an egg, not an asteroid.


The foot is egg-shaped.  The piece is a little over 12 inches long.


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12 Responses to Quiet Hen

  1. Jen Shrock says:

    That is a stunning piece!

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  2. Amazing in concept and execution!

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  3. cynthamum says:

    I absolutely love your QUIET HEN!

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  4. francedozois says:

    so mine has rival–


  5. nrhiller says:

    Your hen is a thing of great beauty. As for Mr. Twain, I would like to know how quiet he would have been, had he had an egg emerge from his nether regions.

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  6. Tone says:

    Interesting, subtle use of white paint for the outer. The suggestion of the red crest (hens comb?) is incredibly restrained – artistic, very cool 🙂


  7. Doria says:

    Beautiful work!! The subtle flow in the shape is worthy of a Brancusi.
    our hidden egg is a wonderful touch of humour. A fab piece of art!!


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