On the Horizon


I don’t think Peter Follansbee is getting lonely, but he’s already talking about Greenwood Fest 2018.  That reminded me that I had neglected to mention this blog post about Greenwood Fest that I wrote several weeks back for the Fine Woodworking Blog.  The links at the end of it should be helpful if you want to stay in the loop regarding plans for the 2018 event.  And Ben at Fine Woodworking tells me that he and the other wizards are busy editing the bowl carving instructional video footage they shot in my shop over the summer.  They should be adding it to FWW’s lineup of Video Workshops over the next month or two…

Mirth Management Logo 2Meanwhile, I’ve been finding time to make some wood chips and I’ll have some things to share on the blog soon.  I even had some fun designing a logo for a great guy some of you may have met at Greenwood Fest.  Mike writes a bit about his new adventure here.

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4 Responses to On the Horizon

  1. onerubbersoul says:

    You know, I haven’t been to Plymouth since I was a young lad…and that trip involved no woodworking…just staring down at a big rock on the beach. Road trip time!


  2. Tone says:

    The bowl carving video is good news. Your decorative carving and lettering are also worthy of videos. IPerhaps an illustrated book at some point, that encompasses all of the above: a modern, American, treatise along the lines of Wille Sunqvists classic book (and Jogge’s books in Swedish) – but using the advances in modern publishing re. layout (e.g. DK), technology, colour images and your own hand drawn sketches perhaps? A magnum opus. Or a coffee table book of your work.

    BTW JK Rowling did some wonderful illustrations for her Harry Potter books but her publishers chose to ignore them. I think JK Rowling is still scratching her head as to why! Hopefully they will be publish one day.


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