Surely You Can’t be Serious?


That’s what I was thinking when Fine Woodworking Magazine’s Jon Binzen contacted me about the Back Cover for the March/April edition.  Turns out, he was serious and payed a visit to my workshop.  To call this an unbelievable honor would be an understatement.  I am well aware of the hallowed history of Fine Woodworking Magazine and the vital role it continues to play.  It is humbling to consider the incredible work that has graced the back covers over so many years, and I am incredulously grateful for the honor.

They’ve also asked me to write some articles and record a video.  I got right to it before they had a chance to change their minds.  In fact, the film crew was here last weekend, but there’s lots of editing to be done back in Connecticut to sort out my rambling, chopping and the blood (don’t get your hopes up — I still have all my fingers).  So if all goes well, you’ll find some of my thoughts on the pages of Fine Woodworking and in their web content over the coming months.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to write a blog post soon with some straightforward recommendations for those who have questions about tools, equipment, and materials for getting started in carving bowls.  Sort of a tying together of things I’ve mentioned in scattered posts and locations.


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23 Responses to Surely You Can’t be Serious?

  1. Well deserved! Your work is impeccable and has inspired many of us for years.

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  2. Duane says:

    Congratulations, it’s an honor well deserved!


  3. Earl K. says:

    Although you may be surprised with the interest shown by Fine Woodworking magazine, I assure you that those of us who look forward to your posts are thinking, “What took them so long?” Can’t wait for the article and I really hope the video includes your carving technique.


  4. Rudy says:

    Congratulations! You certainly deserve it! I’m looking forward to reading the articles.
    Kind regards from Munich, Rudy

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  5. Michael (UK) says:

    Great news… and well deserved, David. A fitting way to recognise true craftsmanship – up there with the best. Michael

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  6. Hans van Wijk says:

    Congratulations, it is nice to see that part of creativity in Fine woodworking as well.

    Best wishes,

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  7. Scott Kinsey says:

    The cream has risen. Congratulations, Dave!

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  8. onerubbersoul says:

    Congratulations David. I’ll have to pick up a copy for my collection.

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  9. onerubbersoul says:

    And here’s the direct link to the write-up:

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  10. Barry Gordon says:

    At the risk of repetition: Congratulations David-you certainly deserve this recognition!

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  11. francedozois says:

    well done and next time the Front Cover–

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  12. Peter Lamb says:

    Hi David, I’m oooking forward to an entire FW issue devoted to you!


  13. Dave Fisher says:

    Thank you all for your thoughtful comments. I appreciate them — seriously.


  14. Eddy says:

    Looks they were serious. And you should stop calling them Shirley. (How was I the first one to that joke?!)


  15. Nat Cohen says:

    Dave, you are definitely worthy of this honor! Between your fine work and what you have taught people over the years… No joke!

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  16. Fantastic. Richly deserved. I’ll have to track down a paper copy. Digital won’t do for this issue.

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  17. Derek says:

    Hi David,

    Great job, very well deserved! Can I add a plug for when you write the future articles, that you’ll cover your pen knife carving too!

    Congrats again!


  18. Elliott says:

    Congrats on making the magazine! I stumbled onto your blog a year ago and you are very deserving! Thanks for posting about your work and process, you are an incredible inspiration. Just made my first bowl with about 3 more in the works, mostly thanks to you.


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