This may not Work



I cut off the bit to the right, and the rest was the handle.

The title of this post may have crossed the mind of John Damian in 1507 as he was about to jump from the walls of Scotland’s Sterling Castle fitted with wings made of chicken feathers.  I’m thinking the same thing about this new handle, but I’ve got much less at stake.


As I’ve mentioned before, in carving ale bowls and other forms with hollows that are undercut, hook knives of one form or another are pretty versatile.  With a little skewing and experimentation, it is amazing what areas can be reached  and cut with them. Last night, I took another Kestrel E-bend blade and attached it to one of the strangest handles I’ve ever made.  It started as an extremely bent branch piece that I had saved awhile back.


same blade, different handles

It was a pretty quick and operation, and I’ll see how handy it is for those unusual spots in which the standard handle can get in the way.  It may turn out to be a bad or unnecessary idea, we’ll see as I try it out.  It will be easy to drill out the rivets and make a different handle if it comes to that — I know the blade is good. But maybe it stays; I kind of like the thought of some folks standing around a flea market table someday wondering what it was for and why it exists.  In the meantime it just might work out and it has to be more useful than, say, this:

Image result for fork pizza cutter

This may not Work.






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6 Responses to This may not Work

  1. Scott Kinsey says:

    I have an old ceramic pot, dug up somewhere in KY, that I bought at a flea market for exactly that reason and, to this day, Its intended use remains a mystery!
    Your knife will work, of that I’m certain. I’m just not sure for what.


  2. Tom Stedner says:

    I’m not sure about the knife but eating pizza with a fork is a no no. At least here in the metro NY area.


  3. Joey White says:

    I like it. Reminded me of these.


    • Dave Fisher says:

      Very cool. Wish he was still making those; I’d buy one right away. I have two of Del’s hook knives and his sloyd knife and they are all excellent. He also has an incredible amount of information on his site overall. Thanks for the link.


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