By Hound and Eye


Arcs flow seamlessly across a transition point if their radii align there in a straight line.

— George Walker and Jim Tolpin, By Hound and Eye

If you read the quote above and said, “Huh?,” it’s because you haven’t seen it in the context of a page from By Hound and Eye by George Walker and Jim Tolpin.  Geometry and design are difficult topics to explain through words alone.  Walker and Tolpin have created a 177 page workbook that not only leads the reader sequentially through an astounding array of concepts, but also invites the reader to try out the concepts through many exercises.  The statement above, for example, becomes crystal clear once you have actually laid out two arcs that flow sweetly across a given point — right in the book.

Andrea Love’s illustrations add charm and clarity to the rich journey, a journey that empowers your designer eye.  I know my copy will end up with lots of holes and marks in it.

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4 Responses to By Hound and Eye

  1. ches spencer says:

    I just received my copy and agree with you. By the way the cover feels like suede leather.


  2. James Kuhn says:

    I just ordered my copy. Thanks, Dave!


  3. Richard says:

    Excellent! I just ordered this and also, “By Hand & Eye” the other day. I said once, that I have a good eye for design. More accurately, that should have been, I have an eye for well designed things. I myself struggle with straight lines, circles, and squares! I’m hope some artistry and flow seeps into my noggin as I explore these books and others. A compass and straight edge? I should be able to learn a thing or two!


  4. Ellis M says:

    Thhanks for sharing this

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