New Walnut Bowl

IMG_4525IMG_4516I have finished this fluted walnut bowl. While the flutes are nice, I tried to make the other, more hidden, side of the bowl interesting as well.  I hope it is like a pleasant surprise when somebody picks it up.

As can be seen in the top photo, the junction of the side and the lower surface of the handle continues on, subtly, across the outer surface of the bowl.  I also like the way the outer texture feels against the fingertips.

The flutes themselves are carved with a shallow gouge, so the raised ridge lines between them are strong and durable.  At 21 3/4 inches long, 16 3/8 inches wide, and 3 1/2 inches high, it should hold a couple dozen dinner rolls.  If you’ve got a small dog, it might even work as a coracle.

IMG_4522On the upper surface, the handles sit a little below the level of the rim and are set apart from it by a carved flute.  On this bowl I wanted the line of the outer rim to flow completely around, and this flute, or gutter, defines the outer rim at the handles.  Below are some additional photos.


IMG_4540       IMG_4520



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12 Responses to New Walnut Bowl

  1. Gordon Meffert says:

    It’s beautiful? Is it for sale?


  2. BobM says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, like the fluting, reminiscent of the walnuts themselves. Inspirational, will look great filled with walnuts at Christmas!


  3. Bill Palmer says:

    Magnificent David, it/you just keep getting better.
    PS I have three small dogs.


  4. Scott Kinsey says:

    Sold? Already?? Well.. there’s a surprise…..
    Just spectacular, Dave.


  5. myronathon says:

    It’s a stunning piece and it give me joy to look at it 🙂 Wow, well done.


  6. J. Kuhn says:

    Beautiful! Just beautiful! I love the carving you do on the bottom of your bowls. I’d have to flip it over half the time, to show it off. I think people new to your carving art would be blown-out by the detail. I am.


  7. Gabriel Vindt says:

    Unbelievable! A masterpiece, so many ideas in One Perfect Bowl 🙂 WELL DONE


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