Fine Woodworking Video-Workshop News

Photo by Jon Binzen

I’ve been meaning to mention this for over a week, but my spare moments have been hard to find lately (More news on the home transition coming soon). Fine Woodworking recently announced a new way to access the “Carve a Greenwood Bowl” video workshop we recorded a few years ago. Up until now it was only available with a yearly subscription to FWW online. Now they’ve made it available as a stand-alone workshop for much less. The details can be found here.

Photo by Jon Binzen

The video workshop goes through each step on the way from log to a finished bowl in the style in the photo above, including the carving of the necklace around the rim. Of course, the techniques are transferrable regardless of the design. Thanks to the work of FWW’s Ben Strano and Jeff Roos, it is a beautifully made video with multiple camera angles that really capture the process.

Another bowl-carving video workshop was recorded with Elia Bizzarri. It’s a completely different format than the FWW video. With little (no) editing, it’s an interactive experience between me (in Pennsylvania) and Elia (in North Carolina), with questions from folks participating via Zoom as we recorded. Lots of fun and packed with information and techniques as both of us make the chips fly. The link to that workshop is here at Elia’s site.

Both videos have a lot to offer in different ways. You can read more about them both here.

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2 Responses to Fine Woodworking Video-Workshop News

  1. rlmlsimmons says:


    If you would like a testimonial re: the efficacy of the ZOOM class you and Elia produced, I would gladly provide one.  

    Bob Simmons


    • Dave Fisher says:

      That would be great, Bob. Thanks. I suspect those who are considering the video series would like to hear your thoughts about it. Elia and his team did a great job organizing it and putting it together, and the live questions from those who participated brought out so much good information.


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