Catching Up

The first stack of firewood out back.

It has been a busy fall filled with too many things to mention. One thing that has been keeping me occupied is preparation for a home transition. Since making the decision this past summer, we’ve cleared oodles of multi-flora rose along with a couple windfallen trees at the back of the new lot.

Building of our simple house is underway, and the whole process seems surreal at times. Kristin and I have lived in our present home for 27 years, ever since we were married. As the third owners of this 120-year-old house, we’ve cared for it and raised our family in it. This house has been good to us with lots of memories, but circumstances have changed. Our new adventure won’t be too far away. Our current house is about 200 yards from where I was born. The new place will be a whole mile and a half up the road!

I suspect I’ll have some posts to share next year related to settling in to a new workshop. That, too, will be bittersweet. I wrote an article for Fine Woodworking Magazine a few years ago about the development of my workshop. I’ve loved it and have spent many happy hours there, but I like to think of someone else doing the same, and I’m excited to set up fresh with new possibilities.

I’ve still been working on several projects. I recently finished a maple crook bird bowl. 10 1/4″ long. She’s already in her new home. The slideshow below has some progress shots and a few more of the finished bird.

I’ll share some other things I’ve been doing in some more posts coming right up.

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18 Responses to Catching Up

  1. Royce says:

    Epic spoon. I am in the same boat, my fall has been so busy I have neglected my blog.

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  2. Mike Rodgers says:

    I will look forward to following your transition. My wife and I are also at that down-sizing point in life.

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  3. Michael W O’Brien says:

    David and Kristin,
    What wonderful news on your new home and workshop adventure. Sounds wonderful. Please keep us updated on the progress.

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  4. francedozois says:

    big undertaking, good luck and beautiful bowl–

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  5. Skip Florey says:

    The property looks beautiful! Building a new house and workshop sounds like a great adventure. I suspect you’ll be including new efficiencies in energy and materials?
    What do you mean by “a simple house”?
    Good luck!


    • Dave Fisher says:

      Thanks, Skip. We’ll have just a little more than a half acre that includes some wooded areas at the edge. The woodlands to two sides of us are owned by someone else, but it is a peaceful little spot that we’re looking forward to settling into.
      By “simple house,” I guess I just mean not fancy or large. I don’t imagine it will impress anyone driving by, but it will be well cared for with plenty of pretty dandelions in the yard.
      Of course, modern code requirements demand a certain standard of energy efficiency, and we’re doing what we can within budgetary constraints to go beyond that and also keep green materials in mind. But “what we can” will fall short of what is possible or what we might see as ideal.
      Thanks for the well wishes!


  6. Eric Goodson says:

    Such exciting news Dave! Good luck with your next big transition and I can’t wait to follow your adventures.


  7. restorersart says:

    Funny how life never stands still, but you tend to only notice when you have to step back and view it from another perspective.

    The bib on this little bird is perfect!

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  8. aniline2 says:

    I hope “circumstances have change” doesn’t mean you will be no longer sharing your carving with us.
    Spiffy bird!, I do envy your ability to visualize the finished piece!


  9. Joe says:

    Bittersweet is a good description. Looking forward to hearing more about your shop. I’ve moved quite a few times in my life. Oddly enough, I worry less about the house and more about my shop. My wife and I (early to mid 50s) have started to discuss if we want to move when we retire and have started visiting possible cities. What we get most excited to talk about is the shops we want on the property. She is an artist (many different medium). I’m a woodworker (who would like to explore leatherwork, blacksmithing, metal machining in retirement as well as woodworking). The house itself can be quite small. The shops, where we will spend most of the day, relatively large, if not larger than the house itself.


  10. Scott Thomas says:

    Change and transition can sometimes be overwhelming, but having been blessed to visit with you in your present shop a few years ago, I feel certain that you and yours will come out even stronger when it’s all said and done. Enjoy the ride, and your new home.


  11. Alison says:

    Oh that is so exciting. Both my husband and I have each built our own homes at different points in our lives so we look forward to following the progress of this.


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