Nine, Ten, A …

I’ve made a number of these hen bowls now since the first one six years ago. Different wood species, some painted, some natural. It’s been interesting to take the same design concept and push, pull, and stretch it in different ways, depending on what the log brings to the party. Some with long tails, some stubby. Some tall, some low. I think they all can work well. A search under “hen” or “rooster” to the right will bring up many of these if you’re interested.

I showed the preparation of the butternut log section into a wide “rooftop” blank in this recent post. This is easily the widest hen I’ve made. The overall dimensions are 18 1/2″ long, 12 1/4″ wide, and (just a bit under) 6″ high.

Hen keeled over.

I liked the combination of the flutes with the grain of the butternut, so I decided not to do a white wash on this one.

More of a profile view here.

There’s one last shot, more of a profile view showing the tail feathers. Carving that tail is a good exercise in green direction! This hen is headed to a new roost, but I’ve got another (smaller) bird almost finished. Maybe I’ll be able to introduce it with another nursery rhyme.

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17 Responses to Nine, Ten, A …

  1. Anita says:

    Hello. I’ve admired your work for a long time and my dream would be to achieve even just half your level of skill! Do you have any plans to be demonstrating in the UK anytime in the near(ish) future?

    Best wishes, Anita

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    • Dave Fisher says:

      Hi Anita. Thanks very much for your comment. My trip to the UK to Spoonfest in 2019 will always be a special memory and I would love to visit the UK again. There are no plans at the moment, and life has me occupied in many different ways right now, but I will certainly keep you posted here on the blog if a trip across the pond is in the works. I appreciate your interest!


  2. Bob Easton says:

    Butternut is so beautiful, and a fat butternut hen is spectacular.

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  3. Anne Phelan says:

    I think this is the most beautiful piece I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us!

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  4. francedozois says:

    mmmm–not sure, ask Peter or Paula–

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  5. Karen Bentley says:

    I love it!

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  6. Bobs Email says:

    Dave The Butternut grain and your flutes, together with the clear finish, are just stunning. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Bob Simmons

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  7. Peter Bernhardt says:

    Stunning piece, Dave.

    What do you mean by a “white wash”?


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