Mother’s Day Flowers

I was the luckiest five-year-old in the trailer park, with all of those magical dandelion flowers in our yard. No matter how many I picked, their number never seemed to diminish. I’d pluck them and jamb the round stems into my little hand, forming a tightly packed bouquet of plush gold. And I would give my treasure to the most lovely woman, my mother. And she would gush over my thoughtfulness and place the bundle into a drinking glass on the kitchen table, so beautiful.

“To see things clothed in their fullest beauty it is imperative to approach them with an open-hearted receptivity; to jettison all negative and selfish feelings and the prejudice of unfeeling habit. And always, always, to try to see things as if for the first time.”

John Lane, Timeless Beauty in the Arts and Everyday Life (2003)

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8 Responses to Mother’s Day Flowers

  1. Dan Chernoff says:

    I like that you always find a suitable quote. I appreciate the dandelions as well, especially their tasty leaves!


  2. Michael O’Brien says:

    Such lovely thoughts out into words. Thank you David.


  3. maydanlex says:

    Dandelion salad coming up.


  4. Barry Gordon says:


    Too lazy (or something) to take the time to say all I’d like to but, simply, you are a treasure!




  5. Carl Newton says:

    Thoughtful, well timed post! Thanks for bringing me back to my childhood, and dandelion bouquets 🙏


  6. Rick says:

    You had us at, “I was the luckiest five-year-old in the trailer park…” You rock, Dave. Happy Mother’s Day to your mom wherever she may be.


  7. Em says:

    A joyful post, thank you for that. Can almost feel the sticky dandelion sap on the palms of my hands


  8. Steve D says:

    Kids and their moms. Nothing better.


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